Posted on: October 11, 2008 12:33 am
Edited on: October 11, 2008 12:46 am

Parking the Jags

I always imagined what Maurice Jones Drew (MJD) would've looked like wearing the Orange and Blue. In fact, living in Los Angeles and being apart of the Bruin alumni not directly just a party crasher I was a huge MJD fan. I saw him return about 10 kicks between the 2005 and 2006 college season.  He was a wrecking ball blocker who had game breaking potential every time he touched the ball. He was overshadowed by another So-Cal runner who played at USC. Some argue that MJD was the better football player. I personally don't argue with that statement.

I remember the 06' draft vividly. It was a roller coaster of emotion full of barley and hops. Who are the Broncos going to pick, are they going defensive or offensive? Oh yeah, they went offensive. Despite being shocked that we just selected a QB in the first round, I was keeping my eye on MJD. I knew the Broncos picked 61st in the second round. There my boy was, still on the board! Could it be?????? Pick 58, 59, 60..............

Ticker: Round 2 Jacksonville Jags select Maurice Jones Drew from UCLA. Nooooooo!!!!! 

Fast forward to 2008. The Broncos picked Tony Scheffler with the 61st pick and that turned out pretty good. Except he's out this week ironically against MJD's Jags. The Broncos got a few good players in the 06' draft. Real good, Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall good. MJD turned out to be pretty darn good too.

When the Broncos face the Jags this week at Mile High they need only to focus on 1 objective... Stop the run! MJD and Fred Taylor are going to get the ball a lot. The Broncos defense must maintain pressure up front and on the edges to contain these dangerous backs. Jacksonville is coming into this game with an offensive line that has been riddled with injuries. LB play will be key, and also mixing up the coverages by throwing a few blitzes will spark the opportunity for turnovers.

Denver's offense will move the ball on the Jags pass defense who ranks 26th in the league. I also like the Andre Hall and Michael Pittman combination that should provide power and speed. Denver will be without Scheffler and potentially Royal.

ALL Day's pick:  Broncos offense comes alive in this game and I expect the defense to perform well enough to get the job done.

Broncos 31 Jags 24

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